By Simon Bornschier
SPSR - Volume 23, Issue 4 - Special Issue: Populist Mobilization Across Time and Space

Populism has become pervasive in political language and in the diagnosis of the malaise of contemporary politics. At the same time, more narrow definitions of populism have become shared in scholarship on the subject, nourishing more analytical approaches that put populism in historical and cross‐regional perspective. The contributions to this special issue ask some fundamental questions concerning the study of populist mobilization.

List of articles:

  • Manucci, L., Weber, E.: “Comparing populism in election manifestos and the news media across time and space”
  • Betz, H.: “Nativist mobilization across time and space: From the Know Nothings to Geert Wilders”
  • Ivaldi, G., Lanzone, M., Woods, D.: “Varieties of Populism Across a Left-Right Spectrum: the case of the Front National, the Northern League, Podemos and Five Star Movement (M5S)”
  • Akkerman, A., Zaslove, A., Spruyt, B.: “‘We the People’ or ‘We the Peoples’? A Comparison of Support for Populist Radical Left and Populist Radical Right Parties”
  • Aguilar, R., Carlin, R.: “Left-Wing Authoritarian-Populism? Evidence from Chile”
  • Castanho Silva, B., Vegetti, F., Littvay, L.: “The elite is up to something: Exploring the relation between populism and belief in conspiracy theories”
  • Rico, G., Guinjoan, M., Anduiza, E.: “The Emotional Underpinnings of Citizens’ Populism: How Anger, Fear, and Sadness Affect Populist Attitudes and Vote Choice”
  • Huber, R. ,Ruth, S.: “Mind the Gap! Populism, Representation, and Participation in Europe”
  • Andreadis, I., Stavrakakis, Y.: “European Populist Parties in Government: How Well are Voters Represented? Evidence from Greece”
  • Bernhard, L.: “The third populist force in current Switzerland: The discourse of the Geneva Citizens’ Movement (MCG) in comparative perspective”
  • Hawkins, K., Rovira Kaltwasser, C.: “What the (Ideational) Study of Populism Can Teach Us, and What It Can’t”


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